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My Story

I collected baseball cards growing up in the 90's and somehow amassed a mean Eric Chavez and Magglio Ordonez collection (Or so I thought). At that time collecting wasn't about spending the most money or having the best cards, it was connecting deeper with the sports, teams, and players I enjoy. The collecting bug faded over time and lay dormant until one fateful 2017 night where I accidentally bought a box of Clearly Authentic Baseball (One-click buy on Amazon). Opened the one card box up and BOOM, a flood of nostalgia washed over me and I was hooked once again. 

Since then I've been on an adventure to rediscover that feeling, which can be extremely challenging in today's hobby landscape. I've began and ended more collecting projects than I care to admit and constantly fall in and out of love with cards in that pursuit. Finding fulfillment in your collecting is HARD, but this website's aim is to make that journey a bit easier. 

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My Collecting Philosophy


Step 1 - Cultivate Your Love of the Hobby

Cultivating a sports card collection is a dynamic and evolving process that requires a combination of passion, knowledge, and strategic decision-making. It's about actively shaping and refining your collection to align with your goals and preferences over time. It is within this step where you define you goals, your purpose, and nurture your love of sports cards.


Step 2 - Curate your "Want List" and Envision Your Future Collection

Curating a list of sports cards you plan to add to your collection involves a thoughtful and intentional selection process before the actual acquisition of the cards. Develop a budget, research players/teams/sets, prioritize cards to acquire, and create a plan to go get those cards. 


Step 3 - Collect the Cards You Desire.

Collecting involves finding, buying, or trading for the cards that you want for your collection. Its the step where your plans are taken and put into action. Acquiring a card can be as as simple as a one-click eBay purchase. Other times, acquiring a card can be a life-long pursuit requiring networking with fellow collectors, bold financial maneuvering, and a little bit of luck. 


Step 4 - Repeat the Process as Your Preferences Evolve

Congrats! If you've managed to get this far, you will have acquired cards with intentionality and built a collection that you'll be able to admire for years to come. You may find your personal preferences evolve over time, but luckily you've cracked the personal collecting code. Repeat the process to find the next set of cards you love. Continuously cultivate that curiosity, refine your curated list, and collect!   

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